My short but eventful life so far...........

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My short but eventful life so far...........
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My days are mostly filled with eating and sleeping right now.  Mom says that I'm a great baby because I don't poop, don't have to be burped and she doesn't have to keep track of how much I eat.

Now that I've been put on the waiting list for organs I just need to grow a little more and listen for the cell phone to ring.  Once we get "the call" we'll be headed to UCLA medical center for the next chapter in our journey.

We all appreciate all of the support of our family, friends, Fisher & Phillips family and St. Thomas More family since I've been born.  Mom and Dad say they couldn't have done it without you all!

This is me and my Aunt Lisa. She made this site.

I love my bottle!

I don't get any nutrition from my formula but I love my bottles anyway.  The doctors think it's great that I love them so much.  It will help me when I finally get my new intestine.

A Quick Overview

5/9/04 - Born on Mother's Day at Spring Valley Hosptial, Las Vegas, NV
5/9/04 - Transported to Valley Hospital, NICU
5/10/04-First surgery to see what was going on, all but 15cm of my small intestine was removed
5/13/04-Second surgery discovered that the rest of my small intestine had to be removed
6/8/04 - Discharged from the NICU!
6/30/04-Admitted to UCLA Medical Center for a liver and small intestine transplant evaluation
7/30/04-Approved by UCLA for a transplant
8/16/04-Approved by insurance for a transplant
8/19/04-Added to the waiting list for a liver and small intestine
10/14/04-Admitted to Sunrise Hospital for a line infection.  After a couple of days in ICU the infection is stopped but the doctors are concerned about some bleeding.
10/18/04-Elevated to Status 1 on "the list".  Status 1 is the very top of the waiting list.
10/19/04-Moved to UCLA where the doctors can keep a close eye on me until donated organs become available.
11/18/04- Started dialysis and on ventilator.
11/20/04- Size for acceptable donor changed to 25 kilos.
12/08/04- Listed for a kidney transplant.

God Bless You and Your Family